Dermatology & Laser Center

Medical Dermatology

Skin Conditions

Non-malignant skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and benign skin growths are also evaluated and treated. We offer the only phototherapy unit in the Pensacola area. This includes both phototherapy and narrow-band UVB therapy.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be a very sensitive topic to individuals and can be socially debilitating to many; we understand that. The treatment of acne can be very complex and is often customized for the patient. Acne can affect people from their middle school years all the way to adulthood and there are several different options to treat acne at any age. We are here to help find what treatment best fits you. Your visit will consist of both short – term improvement (controlling acute inflammation) and long – term maintenance. We do not want this to just be about treating the current break-out, but controlling break-outs for years to come. At your visit we will discuss dietary trends, previous therapies, and skin type so we can help you set reasonable expectations for the improvement of your skin.

Phototherapy Treatment

The Phototherapy Center utilizes full-body light booths with Narrowband – UVB (NBUVB), UVA, or a combination of both wavelengths to treat psoriasis, eczema, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, vitiligo, and numerous other inflammatory skin disorders. Hand and foot units with NBUVB/UVA capabilities are also available to treat dermatoses of the hands, feet, forearms, and shins. Phototherapy is routinely covered by insurance.

XTRAC laser therapy has proven successful in the treatment of psoriasis, hand/foot eczema, vitiligo, and alopecia areata. Laser treatment is usually reserved for hard to treat areas (scalp) and treatment of resistant lesions. XTRAC laser therapy is routinely covered by insurance.

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